I have extensive experience developing mobile apps for iOS along with full-stack experience in mobile and web technologies. In my role at CASLS I architect, program, and maintain all of the online tools and mobile applications that we develop. When not at my day job, I run my own tech consulting business, CB-Tech Services. I have worked on projects ranging from mobile apps and websites such as a physical therapy patient database to vehicle-to-vehicle communication systems to mobile apps that use augmented reality. I am quick learner and enjoy diving into new technologies. I have honed my organizational and multi-tasking skills, as well as proven leadership ability and excellent communication skills.

9+ years of PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript development experience.
8+ years of iOS development experience (Objective-c & Swift). ARKit, Core ML, Speech, etc.


  • Swift
  • Objective-C
  • PHP
  • Advanced HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • MySQL, PgSQL
  • AJAX
  • Python
  • Java
  • iOS/Android Development
  • jQuery, jQuery UI
  • Unity
  • Linux, LAMP
  • Wordpress
  • Open-source technologies
  • Responsive Web Design
  • MVC frameworks
  • RESTful API design
  • Object-oriented programming
  • Atlassian JIRA Software
  • Atlassian Bitbucket
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Version control (Git, SVN, Hg)


University of Oregon, Eugene OR — Graduated in 2012
Bachelors of Science in General Social Sciences with a Concentration in Applied Economics, Business and Society
Minor in Computer and Information Technologies (CIT)
Minor in Music

West Ranch High School, Valencia CA — Graduated in 2008
Lead Software & Systems Engineer January 2017 - Present
Educational Software Developer, September 2011 - 2017
The University of Oregon Center For Applied Second Language Studies (CASLS)
  • Responsible for architecting, developing, testing, and maintaining web- and mobile-based application systems and databases used by language programs across the country.  
  • Consult with external funders to analyze their needs and develop, design, and code customized applications to meet those needs.
  • Regularly manage multiple projects.
  • Lead role in budgeting and estimates for tech team projects.
  • Supervise student developer position.
  • Computer software and hardware support.
Owner & Information Technology Consultant 2010 - Present
CB Tech Services
  • Website and mobile app design, development, and deployment for small business.
  • Third-party hosting service (GoDaddy, Dreamhost, Rackspace, etc) setup and administration.
  • Wordpress setup, installation, and customizations including widgets, themes, and plugins.
  • Technology equipment research, advice, and installation.
  • Computer software and hardware support for Mac and Windows.
Lead Software Engineer March 2014 - 2016
  • Responsible for designing, writing code, testing, and maintaining mobile applications, web service and database used for vehicle-to-vehicle communication systems.
  • Responsible for code repositories including web service in PHP, native iOS, and native Android applications.
  • Setup and maintenanceof virtual machine servers.
  • Supervise development of web service, Android, and iOS applications by contracted developers.
  • Graphics design for print and digital assets.
eBusiness Club President 2011 - 2012
The University of Oregon
  • General responsibilities of a University Club President such as general meeting organization, email communication, and project management.  
  • eBusiness club focuses on web development technologies and entrepreneurship, as well as a large emphasis on collaboration and learning.
PC/Mac Troubleshooter and Student Programmer July 2010 - September 2011
The University of Oregon Center For Applied Second Language Studies (CASLS)
  • Computer software and hardware support.
  • Involvement with web development and programming projects. 
Library Student Assistant 4 February 2009-September 2011
The University of Oregon Center for Media and Educational Technologies (CMET)
  • Library Student Assistant with classroom technologies.  
  • Knowledge and experience with audio and video equipment such as HD video cameras, digital still cameras, and audio cables.  
  • Troubleshoot classroom technology equipment such as digital projectors, laptops, audio systemsand Crestron and Extron switcher systems.
Martial Arts Instructor 2004 - 2006
Shin's Family Martial Arts Center, Santa Clarita CA
  • Martial Arts Instruction: weapons, forms, sparring and basic martial arts for children; also private lessons.
  • Member of the studio’s Extreme Martial Arts Demo Team, and Weapons Demo Team.
CASLS Quest App

The Quest App is an iOS application that provides access to task based quests created in a completely customized backend content editor.  Tasks within a quest can be text based, speech-to-text, and AR target triggers. CASLS has used this app for mixed reality language experiences that blend paper based materials with augmented reality using the mobile app.

  • Architected backend web service and iOS application
  • Development of backend web service and APIs with Yii framework (PHP), MySQL, HTML, and Javascript
  • Development of iOS application using Swift and CocoaPods open source libraries
  • iOS app uses ARKit for use with image targets uploaded from the backend editor to trigger specific experiences within the iOS app.
  • Designed MySQL database using relational database strategies
  • Deployment of CASLS Quest App to the Apple App Store

Catalyst is a web platform for language professional to develop specific teaching strategies using the TELL Framework.

  • Worked directly with our graphic designer to design and implement the website.
  • Architected backend and frontend website with Yii framework (PHP), MySQL, HTML, and Javascript.
  • Designed MySQL database using relational database strategies.
  • Created a live video chat service embedded into the website using Twilio APIs using Web-RTC technologies.  This facilitates real-time collaboration between language professionals directly through the Catalyst platform.
Lingbot Goggles

Lingbot Goggles is an iOS app prototype which I developed to showcase use of CoreML with object recognition in realtime using ARKit.  The app could recognize simple objects and would then translate the recognized object into Spanish.

  • Architected iOS application
  • Development of iOS application using Swift and CocoaPods open source libraries.
  • Used a pre-trained CoreML object recognition model for object detection in the real world.
  • Used ARKit for realtime image analysis and overlay of recognized object labels.
jQuery AV Recorder

jQuery AV Recorder is an open-source project that provides a jQuery plugin that renders an audio and/or video recorder using HTML5 standards.

  • Architected jQuery plugin using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS
  • Uses WebRTC standard as well as open source Recorder.js to record audio and video in browser (without Flash)
  • Uses Twitter Bootstrap for the UI components.  
  • Published project on GitHub and Packagist. CASLS/jquery-av-recorder
Yii2 Notification System

The Yii2 Notification System is an extension which provides a fully functional notification system backed with ActiveRecord (Yii’s database object models) and a customizable UI. The extension provides a widget to display notifications within a navigation bar as an interactive list.  

  • Architected Yii2 extension using PHP, jQuery, and Yii2
  • Integrated popular open source JavaScript library called Toastr for customizable notifications.
  • Integratoed timeago: jQuery Plugin library for “fuzzy timestamps”
  • Published project on GitHub and Packagist. cb-techservices/yii2-notification-system
Language Analytics Plugin

Language Analytics Plugin is an open-source project that contains two jQuery plugins. The collocation widget includes a word-cloud and word-tree showing the relationship between commonly used words and how the word selected is used in context. The comment interactions widget renders analytics related to comments provided including number of comments and average words per comment.  

  • Architected jQuery plugins using JavaScript and open source libraries
  • Integrated open source libraries D3, jQCloud, Google Charts, and Chart.js
  • Published project on GitHub and Packagist. CASLS/language-analytics-plugin
Yii2 Unsplash Extension

The Yii2 Unsplash Extension provides a Yii2 widget to display an image picker powered by Unsplash images API.  Unsplash is a popular online repository of freely usable images uploaded by content creators.  The image picker provides a way to search and select an image from Unsplash and downloads the image to the provided location.  

  • Architected Yii2 widget using PHP, jQuery, and Yii2
  • Leveraged the Unsplash Developer API.
  • Published project on GitHub and Packagist. cb-techservices/yii2-unsplash

LingroToGo is a game-based Spanish language learning curriculum delivered on mobile devices. Users can practice their Spanish language skills using various mini-games available within the app.

  • Architected backend web service and iOS application.
  • Development of backend web service and APIs with Yii framework (PHP), MySQL, HTML, and Javascript.
  • Development of iOS application using Swift and CocoaPods open source libraries.
  • Designed MySQL database using relational database strategies.
  • Deployment of LingroToGo to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.
LinguaFolio Online/LFO To Go

LinguaFolio Online is an ePortfolio evaluation tool that allows students to collect evidence demonstrating their communicative abilities in a world language.  LFO To Go is the companion mobile app to LinguaFolio Online.

  • Redesigned web application from the ground up
  • Responsive web design using Twitter Bootstrap
  • Major database redesign using relational database strategies (MySQL)
  • Development and deployment of LFO To Go mobile apps
  • Customized versions of LinguaFolio Online and LFO To Go for various partners

An iOS and Android application that provides a vehicle-to-vehicle communication system which establishes communication between cars, buses, motorcycles and bicycles that are sharing the road. When using this app, car/bus drivers get an acoustic signal that warns them about approaching motorcycles and bicycles. These signals raise drivers’awareness and reduce distracted maneuvers that may result in a fatal crash with motorcycles and bicycles.

  • Oversaw phase 1 & 2 of development by a team of engineers in India
  • Published v1 and v2 to Android Play Store and iOS App Store
  • Continued development as sole developer for v2.1 and 2.2 for both Android and iOS
  • Development and planning of v3.0
  • Server setup and maintenance
  • Developed prototype Bluetooth Beacon vehicle-to-vehicle application
  • Developed prototype Apple Watch enabled application
  • Developed prototype Android Auto enabled application

      InterCom is a weekly email newsletter that goes out to over 2000 subscribers nationwide.

  • Redesigned web application from the ground up
  • Responsive web design using Twitter Bootstrap
  • Converted the PostreSQL database to MySQL
  • Major database redesign using relational database strategies
Language Evaluation Website for GlobalExpo

I oversaw development of a language evaluation website for students at the University of Oregon who were applying to become student ambassadors for the GlobalExpo event being hosted by the university this year.

  • Designed MySQL database using relational database model
  • Yii PHP framework
  • Worked with my student employee to develop and deploy the website.

GetTogether is an application that allows you to create and share event information with friends and see what's going on in your community.  My role as CTO involved:

  • Overseeing development of the iOS app, Android app, and web service
  • We outsourced the development through Elance.com to a team in India
  • Responsible for communicating with the team of developers in India
  • Added additional features to the apps and web service after completion of the beta
  • Published the iOS and Android apps on their respective app stores.

IdeaJam was an interdisciplinary business competition that I started with the UO eBusiness club.  Over the span of a weekend, students collaborated in teams of 4-5 to rapidly prototype eBusiness ideas.

CMET ShotSlinger

CMET Shot Slinger is an iOS application that is now being used at the University of Oregon Center for Media and Educational Technologies(CMET)

  • Developed the basic version of the app as a project for school
  • Enhanced the basic version and added a QR code reader to the app
  • Coded a website that generated QR codes of the delivery shots for the app to scan
  • Published on the iOS App Store.

Haha! is a simple iOS application designed to encourage laughter as a daily health routine that the eBusiness club developed as a team.  The club separated into teams and came up with a business and marketing plan, and designed and developed the application.  We published the app on the iOS App Store.